The main areas of the company’s activity are all types of continuous transport equipment, systems, reagents and welded steel structures of small and large dimensions.



Our activity in the field of continuous transport equipment includes, among others devices such as belt and bucket conveyors, pneumatic systems, screens and many more. We are ready to design, modify or improve the functioning of the devices and technological lines in such a way as to use the place and the entire production process in the facility as efficiently as possible. Our many years of experience allow us to be an expert when it comes to the broadly understood continuous transport scope which includes, among others the belt conveyors, etc.


I&C – control and measurement equipment and automation is nothing more than a full range of services related to the installation of all types of control and measurement systems on devices and on technological lines which we design and manufacture in accordance with the customer’s wishes. The selection of appropriate accessories guarantees reliable operation and full supervision over the process.

DCS – these are distributed control systems used mainly in large facilities such as power plants, heat and power plants, steel mills, cement plants or the chemical industry, where, as the name suggests, their dispersion over a large area must be collected some way to one operators’ station called DCS. EPC Projekt deals with the development, preparation and commissioning of such stations depending on the needs. We prepare station designs in such a way that they are as legible and easy to use as possible.

PLC – programmable logic controller. We use this type of drivers locally. They are designed to control the operation of a given device or machine through a properly designed and programmed algorithm.
Our automation engineers can help you reprogram your existing systems or set up a completely new system to optimize your processes.

HVAC – (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) in addition to electronic process control systems, our offer also includes services related to heating, ventilation and air conditioning of facilities. Therefore, when deciding to invest, we as EPC Projekt are ready to ensure that the entire project is complementary and has a good atmosphere 😊.


We offer RSM devices for precise chemical administration in order to remove heavy metals from exhaust gases. Due to the protection of the environment and thus very demanding air pollution standards imposed by the EU institutions, we are ready to modify and prepare a given installation on the site in such a way that it can meet these requirements.
Along with our devices, we offer a constant supply of reagents, i.e. chemicals with an appropriate composition, which, combined with the precise dosing of our proprietary RSM600 system, will significantly reduce unwanted elements such as mercury to the required level.


Our scope of activity also largely covers the performance of steel structures, both small and large, both according to our design and based on the customer’s technical documentation.
Owned certificates as well as experienced staff are able to meet even the most demanding constructions that the client wishes.